Fish Sauce


Our Blue Elephant Premium Fish Sauce has been carefully crafted in small batches using fresh anchovies caught in the deep seas of The Andaman and the Gulf of Thailand.

Combined with pure sea salt, we have slowly and naturally aged it to maturity for a minimum of 12 months, giving this sauce a deeper and more complex flavor.
Unless others, this fish sauce is not diluted this gives it an unrivaled quality with the highest protein content of the market.

It has an original mild and mellow, non-fishy flavour when cooked. Thai Fish Sauce is an essential salty ingredient in Thai cuisine.

While fish sauce has a strong aroma when used raw, it mellows and blends seamlessly with other ingredients when cooked, offering a unique depth of flavor without overpowering the dish. It contributes an essential umami quality that helps balance and round out the taste profile of many Southeast Asian delicacies.

Fish sauce has become increasingly popular worldwide, with chefs and home cooks incorporating it into their culinary repertoire. Its versatility extends beyond Southeast Asian cuisines, with adventurous cooks experimenting and finding creative uses for it in fusion dishes and beyond.


Anchovy, Salt, Sugar, Fructose

Allergens: Contains fish

Important Information:
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