Tamarind Paste


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Tamarind paste comes from the fruits of the tamarind tree. This pulp is sweet and sour – bringing a tangy kick to your dish.

Tamarind paste is an essential ingredient in Thai cuisine. Tamarind paste is used in numerous dishes: dipping sauces, caramelized sauces, curry seasoning, and the iconic Phad Thai stir-fry sauce. The paste is a key component of the stir-fry sauce that coats the rice noodles, providing a tangy and slightly sweet undertone that enhances the overall taste profile of this beloved dish.

This paste’s versatility and unique flavor profile make it an essential ingredient in Thai cooking, contributing to the complexity and balance of flavors that define this vibrant cuisine.

Beyond Thai cuisine, tamarind paste finds its way into the culinary practices of many cultures. In Indian cooking, tamarind is a popular chutney ingredient, adding tartness for a balanced flavor with spices and herbs. It also plays a significant role in Mexican cuisine, where it is used in sauces, marinades, and salsas to provide a zesty and tangy note that complements various dishes.


Tamarind, Water, Citric Acid.

Allergens: None

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